I received my BFA from Paier College of Art with a major in Illustration. An artist of various emerging styles, meaning that I have not mastered one media and stuck to just that. My style varies slight depending on the media that I use to create with.

I enjoy to work with paint both watercolors and oils. I have found that I will use watercolors for landscapes, and oils for still lifes, figure paintings and portraits. My true happiness comes when I am creating with fibers. I like to be able to feel the texture of fibers as I create. I will use loose fleece for spinning a continuous fiber. I will then use thread, yarn and fabric to create my finished art by weaving and sewing. My images come to life for me when I use different colors, values and textures.

I’m working on a series of tapestry weavings done in the style of the medieval weavers guild. The weavers would work from cartoons (a painting or study used for reference) that the craftsmen of the painter’s guild would create. There was always a tension (no pun intended) between the guilds as to the freedom to make changes in the works. I am setting out to be both painter and weaver thus leaving the only tension (pun intended) to be in the fibers of the weaving.

Thank you for your interest in my work, please feel free to email me at suzy at suzyandchris dot net so I may keep you up to date with my creative developments.